Backward Sales Funnel BluePrint

Finally, discover how to create all your products in your sales funnel to ensure you have the highest converting sales around!!!

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Dear Student,

There's a lot of talk about different sales funnels and different funnel blueprints, but oftentimes you get stuck or left in the dark wondering how to put it into practice. 

What kind of offers should you create so you have the highest converting funnel?

You get left high and dry because you don't know how to create offers to sell.
You get product owner’s "writer’s block", as one would say.

You're stuck.

  • What should be your freebie to get people to opt into your list so you can promote your front end offer?
  • What should your front end offer be?
  • How about your one time offer?
  • What about a second one time offer after that one?
  • How about your high end ticket / mastermind / coaching offer, etc?

As a product creator myself, after years of product creation I discovered an amazing strategy to speed this process up. I learned this specific trick which allows you to create everything inside your sales funnel fast. No more roadblocks once you learn how this strategy works. Not only will I share with you this strategy, but I'll walk through real life and practical examples that you can follow and apply to your own business and products.

So by the end of this video course, you'll have a finished and complete sales funnel filled with the right products.

By the end of this course you will be able to see exactly what your products are going to be inside of your sales funnel. Once you get the hang of the strategy you'll be able to set up sales funnels in a matter of less than 15 minutes.
Intended Audience: students, internet marketers, online sales, sales funnels, online marketing

Course Curriculum

The Ladder
The Biggest Mistake
Your High Ticket Offer
Your One Time Offer
Your Front End Offer
Your Lead Magnet
Practical Application: 5 Minute Examples
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